About Us

Lymphedema Therapy Specialists offers the full range of services and medical devices to help ease the suffering that accompanies the condition of lymphedema and its associated symptoms. Since this condition can be a lifelong struggle for those affected, it is important to employ a variety of techniques when appropriate both in our facility and at home to help patients manage their symptoms. Our comprehensive health-care program uses a combination of manual therapy, compression bandaging, compression garments, regular exercise, and a rigorous skincare regiment. Our highly educated and experienced medical professionals have helped thousands of patients to manage their lymphedema successfully over the years. Get the support and relief that you deserve from the top lymphedema clinic in Houston, TX.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ibrahim Garcia-Mowatt

Licensed as a Doctor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases in Texas since 1982. With years of experience serving the Houston population’s wound care & infectious disease patients, we are proud to have him on board as our Wound Care & Infectious Disease specialist.

Dr. John Share

Serving as our Medical Director, Dr. John Share, a Board-Certified Family Physician and Lymphedema Specialist, has decades of experience and is well-known in the Houston area for his expertise in Lymphedema.