Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wearing Compression Bandages

Many Lymphedema patients have lots of questions regarding going about their daily activities while wearing compression bandages.—

While wearing compression bandages is an adjustment, you will still be able to perform most of your daily activities, such as walking, driving, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions—

How can I shower with compression bandages on?

Everybody has their own method, but we recommend using cast covers or well secured trash bags to cover the bandages while showering, so they do not get wet. We also recommend using a shower chair to avoid slipping or falling in the shower.

What should I do if my bandages are falling between treatments?

Occasionally towards the beginning of a patient’s course of treatment, bandages may start to fall due to rapid reduction in swelling. If this does happen, first assess whether your circulation is being restricted at any point. If any part of the bandage is cutting off circulation, remove the bandages. If the bandages are not affecting your circulation, attempt to remove the section where the bandage is falling.

If it is possible to keep any of the bandages on until your next treatment, it is advisable to do so.

What should I do if my bandages are too tight?

Some patients complain of their bandages feeling too tight towards the beginning of treatment. While this may just be part of the patient adjusting to wearing compression bandages, if it is too bothersome, we recommend removing 1 bandage at a time to alleviate the feeling of tightness.

If it is possible to keep any of the bandages on until your next treatment, it is advisable to do so.

Do you have any questions about compression bandaging??

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  1. I was suffering for more than 2 years with a swollen right leg. I want to several doctors, including kidney, liver, blood, heart, and family doctors. None of them diagnosed what was going on with me. Finally my friend sent me a phone number for this lymphedema clinic. I called them and they made an appointment for me the next day. I did not wait for a month as I did for many of the other doctors as a new patient. When I arrived. Tim measured my swollen leg and did a lymph drainage massage with a special machine. Amazing guy. I felt I was in the right hands. Then I had my visit with the doctor, who explained to me why my leg was swollen from time to time curing the two years. Unfortunately the doctor explained to me that this condition is not curable, and it will return from time to time. Then I came three times a week for a special massage and compression bandaging in the Katy location. I was so happy with the professional girl who was doing my manual lymph drainage massage, machine massage and bandaging. After just 2 weeks I already felt relief and could see the improvement. My leg was less and less swollen every time I visited them. I continued the treatment for a month and now I can’t tell a difference between my previously swollen right leg and my left leg! They taught me what to do in the future if similar symptoms occur. I’d like to say thank you so much for their wonderful job and wonderful people who are serving in the Katy location!!! I really, really appreciate them for their wonderful job.

    1. We are so thrilled to hear about your experience, Miss Walters. We are blessed to have you as a patient and so much enjoyed your visits!

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