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Our mission at Lymphedema Therapy Specialists is to help patients suffering from lymphedema to live longer, happier, healthy lives through the relief that only symptom management can bring over time. Located in Houston, Texas, we have many years of experience treating lymphedema. For patients suffering from this incurable condition, early detection and treatment can be the key to minimizing the risk of any further serious complications that may arise.

What Is A Lymphatic Massage?

The lymphatic system, a critical piece of the cardiovascular system is essential in maintaining proper health of the body’s immune system. Lymph is a word used to describe the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system that contains white blood cells, which defend the body’s immune functions. The main purpose of the lymphatic system is to support the immune system to function properly during the healthy process of cleansing and feeding the cells in the body.

The cornerstone of treatment for Lymphedema or any immune system condition begins with a full-body lymphatic massage. Unlike many other types of massage such as those offered at a spa or chiropractic center, a lymphatic massage is specific to conditions arising from a blockage in the lymph system of the body. A manual lymphatic massage begins with administering a series of guided, light rhythmic movements that are applied in conjunction with compression, stretches, and cupping motions all over the body.

These motions are done purposefully and in sequence to ensure that no lymph is left trapped in any part or gland of the body. Unlike similar massages, a lymphatic massage does not employ the use of massage oils of any kind, which ensures that the skin can expel the toxins necessary to clear the lymph. A lymphatic massage is easy on the blood vessels and encourages the lymph to move freely through the tissues and lymph glands.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The term Lymphatic Massage has come to be widely used by massage therapists in places ranging from spas to physical therapy offices to medical offices as well. However, there is wide range of levels of expertise these practitioners can bring to the practice that can indicate how effective the massage can be to treat illness rather than just detoxify. When you are looking for the highest caliber of lymphatic treatment to help with illnesses such as lymphedema, what you are really searching for is called Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

MLD Massage cannot be performed by just anyone that attends a few massage classes. It is a highly specialized form of massage that a practitioner must learn and be and certified through rigorous exams. It is rare to find a massage therapist that holds this certification. It is usually held by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and highly trained physicians.

Specialized and Professional Massage Techniques

A Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is extremely specific in the amount of pressure that is used, the direction in which it is accomplished, and the strokes that are utilized to stretch the skin gently. It is an extremely scientific technique by which lymphatic vessels in swollen tissues are opened so that the fluid flows into the vessels and is routed along very specific pathways to return to the circulatory system. It is done without massage oils on dry skin. It is like opening a clog in a drain pipe of the body.

The real difference is that a lymphatic massage can be done by almost any trained massage therapist. The MLD must be done by someone that has completed all the proper training and certification, so the therapist that can administer it far surpasses the knowledge and education that other practitioners might possess. When you are looking for the most effective medical procedure to drain the lymph system, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is recommended over the Lymphatic Massage.

Lymphatic Massage Benefits

Lymphedema, or lymphatic obstruction, is considered a long-term condition where excess fluid collects in the tissues of the body to cause extreme swelling and often times pain and discomfort. A lymphatic massage is one of the best ways to eliminate those fluids to help reduce swelling and toxins in the body. However, a lymphatic massage can also be helpful for everyone, not just those suffering from lymphedema. Because of the ability for a lymphatic massage to detoxify both the skin, glands, and organs, many individuals like to receive lymphatic drainage massages as part of their regular wellness routine.

The lymphatic system is always under stress due to the high level of environmental toxins and poor lifestyle practices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, prescription drug use, lack of exercise, poor skincare routines, and high-stress environments. It is a powerful way to cleanse the tissues of the body after an illness or injury, during a stressful life event, or with the changing of the seasons. A lymphatic massage can positively assist in keeping the lymphatic system functioning properly in the face of a constant barrage of stress.

Lymphatic massage is sometimes used for people dealing with such issues as painful joints and muscles, arthritis, orthopedic injuries, knee or hip surgery, systemic sclerosis, cancer treatment symptoms, chronic venous insufficiency, skin disorders, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, depression, migraine headaches, and symptoms related to menopause. People should not have a lymphatic massage if they have congestive heart failure, blood clots, kidney problems, infections, or circulation problems. It is no wonder that so many choose to seek out medical professionals to help administer lymphatic massages as part of a regular wellness program. Get started working with the top lymphatic massage therapists in Houston, TX. 

Your Trusted Lymphatic Massage Specialists

Lymphedema does not need to be a difficult or life-threatening condition. By getting treatment at the first sign of initial symptoms, a patient can lessen the suffering they experience. Some of the first symptoms even before swelling occurs can be a feeling of heaviness, tightness, or restricted movement in one of the limbs. At the onset of swelling, clothing and jewelry may begin to feel tight.

Lymphedema can be prevented by proper weight management and skincare. However, if signs of lymphedema persist, it is important to reach out to a medical professional right away to prevent further serious complications from becoming debilitating. At LTS, our medical professionals are skilled and experienced at treating patients that suffer from this incurable illness. By employing a combination of treatments such as lymphatic massage into a comprehensive health-care program, those with lymphedema can expect to minimize the effects that the condition has on their bodies and lives.


Feel Relief After A Lymph Drainage Massage

Some of the reported easing of symptoms that can occur after a lymphatic drainage massage can include less pain, more flexibility, more energy, and greater relaxation. The benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage can be experienced for several days after the massage. However, since the lymph system does not have its own pump to help with regular lymph circulation, frequent lymphatic drainage massages may be helpful for those with chronic conditions.

It is important to know that a lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the circulation and removal of toxins in the body, so some side effects may be experienced before a feeling of wellness can occur. These side effects can include nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and soreness. In order to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects, it is very important to follow some proper pre and post-massage recommendations.

Since the massages can release waste into the body that needs to be processed, it is important to take some rest after the massage, so you might want to clear your schedule for the day you have one planned. Before the massage, drink plenty of water for a few days to really hydrate the skin and tissue. Once you go home after the lymphatic drainage massage, it’s important to hydrate properly by drinking lots of water and eating a balanced diet of nutrient-dense food such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Exercise can also assist with rapid elimination of built-up toxins which cause side effects.

How It Works

Lymphatic drainage massage can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system when done by a certified medical therapist. The only similarity lymphatic drainage massages have to other types of massage is that it requires the certified lymphedema therapist to put their hands directly onto the client’s skin.

Pressure-wise, it’s much lower in intensity and follows a particular stroke pattern to generate its results, with the first stroke being done to stretch the skin, while the second, more directional stroke is performed to send lymphatic fluid towards the nearby lymph nodes. A trained practitioner’s hands can simply apply pressure to re-stimulate the natural contractions of the lymphatic system. This will move the stagnant fluid back into the natural lymph flow of the body.

Swollen, infected, or areas of the body that have undergone treatment for cancer will not be massaged, so you need not worry that the process will be painful at all. A lymphatic drainage massage can help you to fight off infections, speed up recovery from an illness, reduce water retention, boost weight loss, improve cellulite and stretch marks, reduce fatigue and stress, and help with soreness from exercise or injury.

How We Can Help

Regardless of your reasons or underlying health conditions that may be affecting your quality of life, Lymphedema Therapy Specialists can help you to determine if you are in need of a lymphatic drainage massage at our initial consultation. If you have already been diagnosed with lymphedema or any of the other conditions that recommend having a lymphatic drainage massage, our certified therapists can offer an evaluation and treatment program to help your regain your sense of wellness.

As part of your regular routine, we can also offer many other forms of treatment for lymphedema and other immune system conditions. From the first phone call to your personal lymphatic drainage massage, our trained staff will guide you through all the proper ways to treat yourself at home both before and after treatments. No matter what you may be suffering from, we can help you to find relief so that you can enjoy your life more fully and protect your health and longevity. Get started working with the top lymphatic massage therapists in Houston, TX.

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Getting started on your journey to better health is as easy as contacting Lymphedema Therapy Specialists to schedule a consultation or a massage appointment. We can discuss your symptoms and determine if you are in need of just a one-time lymphatic drainage massage, or an ongoing protocol to help treat lymphedema or other, debilitating conditions. It is our goal to help you detoxify your entire lymphatic system in order to experience wellness both in the short and long term.

Reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment. Our staff is highly experienced, courteous, and efficient. You will begin to feel the relief that only proper management of lymphedema and other incurable conditions can bring when you work with us at Lymphedema Therapy Specialists. Begin your journey to wellness by contacting the top lymphatic massage therapists in Houston, TX today.