Lymphedema Friendly Travel

Lymphedema Friendly Travel

As we head into the season full of holidays and travel, it’s important for all Lymphedema patients and at risk patients plan Lymphedema friendly trips.

If you are at risk or have Lymphedema, please be aware and careful to avoid physical stresses that could trigger an increase in swelling.

Stay Compressed During Your Travel

The most important tip for a Lymphedema patient to follow during travel is to stay compressed as much as possible. (Wear your compression wear!) Often times travel involves long periods of sitting (without being able to elevate extremities), which is not good for swelling. Wearing your compression wear during the travel will help you combat this potential risk for swelling.

The changes in pressure and altitude in plane flights can cause anyone to experience swelling, so it is particularly important to stay compressed as possible during plane flights.

Ask for Help

Sometimes traveling can be tricky– heavy suitcases, carry-ons, elevators and more. Lugging around heavy bags and jumping on shuttles can cause some stress on your system and trigger swelling. Be cautious and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Keep Up Your Routine

Keep up your Lymphedema routine as much as possible throughout your vacation. While it is an extra thing to carry, it will benefit you to bring your compression device and continue pumping. If you have an exercise routine, keep it up! While it is a time to enjoy family, food and beverages, be conscious of what you consume. Keeping up your routine will help you a LOT if you are having a few extra calories!

If you have questions or concerns about traveling with Lymphedema, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists.

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