Manual Lymph Drainage, MLD

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual lymph drainage, which is a gentle, manual treatment technique used in combination with compression therapy, skin care and de-congestive exercises. The techniques of MLD are used to effectively treat primary and secondary lymphedema, and post-surgical and post-traumatic swelling.

A manual lymphatic massage begins with administering a series of guided, light rhythmic movements that are applied in conjunction with compression, stretches, and cupping motions all over the body. These motions are done purposefully and in sequence to ensure that no lymph is left trapped in any part or gland of the body. Unlike similar massages, a lymphatic massage does not employ the use of massage oils of any kind, which ensures that the skin can expel the toxins necessary to clear the lymph. A lymphatic massage is easy on the blood vessels and encourages the lymph to move freely through the tissues and lymph glands.

A Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is extremely specific in the amount of pressure that is used, the direction in which it is accomplished, and the strokes that are utilized to gently stretch the skin. It is an extremely scientific technique by which lymphatic vessels in swollen tissues are opened so that the fluid flows into the vessels and is routed along very specific pathways to return to the circulatory system.

It is a highly specialized form of massage that a practitioner must learn and be and certified through rigorous exams. It is rare to find a massage therapist that holds this certification. It is usually held by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and highly trained physicians.

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