Pneumatic Compression Pump

Pneumatic Compression


Pneumatic Compression Pumps are one of the components of Complete Decongestive Therapy to reduce swelling. These devices administer intermittent compression via an inflatable garment– such as an arm/ leg sleeve or vest. Many patients experience a reduction of fluid and swelling after a session on a pneumatic compression device. This process enhances the benefits of MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage) and multi-layer compression bandaging.

During treatment, a patient will spend part of their visit on one of our Pneumatic Compression Devices. These devices are expensive and we aim to get one for each patient who would benefit, one to take home. We work with patient’s insurance to get it covered because it is a very high cost out of pocket. If a patient does take a pump home, their therapist will tailor the settings custom to the patient’s needs. The therapist will instruct the patient on how to set up and use their pump at home as well as guide them on the frequency and amount of time spent at each session.

Bio Compression Pump

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