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Compression Wear for Lymphedema

Compression garments or compression wear play a huge role in Lymphedema management. Compression wear provides an easy way to keep pressure on the affected area to manage swelling. For someone with significant Lymphedema, compression wear is recommended towards the end of a course of Lymphedema treatment to help patients have options for managing their swelling at home.

The compression garments typically recommended by professionals for a Lymphedema patient are not the compression garments that you may find at your local sports store. It is important for a Lymphedema specialist to prescribe the compression wear based on the patient’s level and area of swelling. Lymphedema grade compression wear is measured in millimetre of Mercury (mmHg) which is simply a manometric unit of pressure.

Compression Socks

Some Lymphedema compression wear is what is referred to as ‘gradient compression’ which means more pressure is applied to the distal part of an extremity (such as near the hand or foot) and gradually lessens in pressure as it travels up the arm or leg. This method is very efficient in avoiding swelling and encouraging fluid to circulate.

Some patients may require or benefit most from a custom compression garment. A therapist will measure the patient and send off the measurements to a top Compression manufacturer such as Sigvaris or Juzo, who will then design the compression wear specifically for the patient.

In conclusion, compression wear for Lymphedema management is critical and most beneficial when used towards the end of Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy treatment which includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Multi-layer Compression Bandaging and Pneumatic Compression Pump Therapy. If you or someone you know would benefit from Lymphedema treatment, feel free to contact us!

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