Lymphatic System

Managing Your Lymphedema After Treatment

It is very important to understand the fundamentals of managing your Lymphedema after treatment to maintain your progress.

There are a few key components to successfully manage your Lymphedema at home–

  • Daily Use of Compression Wear
  • Daily Use of Pneumatic Compression Device
  • Maintain a healthy weight with proper diet and activity level
  • Follow skin and nail care tips to prevent flare ups and infections

Compression Garments

Compression garments are an essential component of Lymphedema management. The lymphatic fluid removed from the are throughout treatment will be maintained through the daily use of compression wear.

Compression Sleeve

Compression Sleeve

Pneumatic Compression Device

Custom Pneumatic Compression Garment

For many patients, daily use of a pneumatic compression device is also recommended for lymphedema management post treatment. This practice will work together with the compression administered through the compression garments to maintain reduced swelling.

Skin & Nail Care Tips

The condition of your skin is very much associated with your Lymphedema. Avoid Lymphedema flare ups by protecting your skin from extreme temperatures, avoiding injury, cuts, burns and bites in the affected area. Be careful with nail care to not cut your cuticles too short as this is a common reason for a flare up in swelling.

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